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Induce positive changes into your daily routine

and Make gratitude your attitude

Theory – 70 pages

Timeless Knowledge

The power of habits, self-reflection and positive psychology simply explained.

Striking real-life examples, simple techniques & concrete implementation strategies. 

Based on cutting-edge research from neuroscience & psychology. Continuously optimised with the feedback from thousands of users worldwide.

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Practice – 220 Pages

From pen to paper to your life

If you want to feel good, you need to be in charge of your attitude and thought patterns.

Use scientifically-proven writing techniques to create a positive mindset.

Your mindset translates to habits that help you grow and flourish – in every way and every day. 

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Every Morning & Evening

3 Minutes for you

Morning Routine:
Start your day with gratitude and focus on the good in and around you.

Evening Routine:
Personal Growth through reflection: train your brain to focus on what went well & how to improve.

Gratitude Journal, Daily Companion and Mindfulness Journal – All in one!

every week unique & new

Reflection questions

5 Weekly Questions:
Practise valuable self-reflection by understanding your past, rearranging your present and shaping your future.

Weekly Challenge:
Apply science-based tips & impulses to do good to yourself and others.

Weekly Note Page:
Use the space to let your thoughts & ideas flow.


& Monthly-Check

Use a proven system to build good habits & break bad ones.

Identify your needs and monitor the progress in the different areas of your life.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It. - Peter Drucker

The perfect mix of structure and ...

Free space:
33 pages for your notes, ideas and thought experiments.

Undated pages to start and continue your entries whenever you want.

Customise and adapt the structure to your very own needs.

Motivation & Inspiration

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