That's UrBestSelf

The best project you’ll ever work on is You. - Sonny Franco

This is the attitude we breathe, live and share. We love positive psychology & personal development!

UrBestSelf is made up of a diverse team of people who love to support personal growth in a creative, simple and sustainable way.

Why? – In times like ours, we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of knowledge - with a limited amount of time. There is a need for clarity & knowledge of how to apply it for our own good. This is why we create practical tools that combine findings from positive psychology, biology and neuroscience into easily applicable tools that help you grow!

That's The 6-Minute Diary

Our first baby – The 6-Minute Diary – has grown considerably and has become a loyal companion to more than 500,000 users so far. It is making its way around the globe and will be available in 15* different languages by the end of 2019.

Almost daily, we receive grateful messages from people who share their happiness journey and tell us about the positive experiences they have made since using The 6-Minute Diary.

Whether it has helped them reach their goals, overcome tough times, improve their relationships or simply go through life in a more self-determined way – all of that positive feedback puts the biggest smiles on our faces and reminds us of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

* Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, English, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian


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